- An excellent interlocutor that aims to find you a continuous offer at your request for specific products or group of products.

- The best value for money in the market.

- A fast and flexible commercialization focused on customer satisfaction.

- Groupage transport service, very convenient and cost-effective way to transport small quantities of different products.

- An efficient global service covering all aspects, from product selection to shipping and include packaging and handling.

- A permanent presence on site: our mission is to represent you through regular monitoring of operations. We work in perfect coordination with suppliers to make sure that transaction goes smoothly and to guarantee the compliance of the shipment.

- Quality commitment to people management, flexibility and transparency in the operation of distribution platforms.

- The products are packed in pallets compliant with European standards.

- Perfect timing of each link optimizes the control of territorial network, and the delivery of orders and the supply to the outlets are at the right time and cost.

- A guarantee of proper and frequent presence of all its products.



We insure the distribution of different articles for the Daily use of the consumer - the client satisfaction is our priority and this is by offering high quality product with a good price.



- Convincing of the need to purchase the product.
- Situate the negotiator, discover his personality, and listen to his needs.
- Tell the right argument at the right time.
- Sign sales contracts.



Brokerage is a business intermediary activity consisting of bringing the seller and the buyer closer together purpose of concluding the necessary contracts.

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